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After participating in yesterdays events regarding labeling food & products that contain GMO, I went to this site

to sign a petition and could not find one there.  While I have only belonged for s short time, I did see positive results regarding email searches without a warrant.


I would suggest that this could be a powerful tool, not only sent out to your membership, but also to the many members who have the ability to share with others.


for you consideration,

Peg Bacon

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Please share this list of gmo foods.. boycott until there is change

I know you care. please share this list of GMO foods to avoid. 

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Apparell sales would not only help with financial support for the movement this would help to spread the word one shirt, hoodie,or mug at a time. I love apparel that does more than look well. It's a great conversational piece that's an ice breaker to those who don't know GMO exists. I would love to be one of the first to wear a LabelGMOs hoodie

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Awareness for our lives!

We are concerned about labeling but we also need more awareness of health and life threating issues that GMO causes. It's getting worse and we all should start to integrate our lifestyle around real organic, home gardens, and really eating live foods. Seed saving from plants we know from our back yard farms or friends that was grown before 1996! And keep our America strong the real patriotic, real farmers way!
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the default country for posting events is Afghanistan....

When I created Ventura Action Meeting event for May 12 and let the country go thru as Afghanistan, NOW I CAN'T EDIT IT! So it doesn't show up on the Ventura County map. Can you fix it?

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email links to congress, local and state gov

Would be great to have an automated email to congress,  local and state gov insisting that all GMO product is labled as such!

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Let's protest the businesses that purchase GMO on a large Scale.

Hi, Please contact me. Sharon 949 653 1097


Also Can Label GMO's have their own FB page?


Thank you very much for your HARD work,

Sharon Tipton

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Non-GMO labeling

This has probably already been suggested, but I was wondering why there is not more of a focus on non-GMO labeling. It seems this would avoid all the mess of trying to get the big companies to label, and instead would give any company that doesn't use GMO components the option of using the label to their advantage, much the same way companies do with the 'organic' label. If you don't have a non-GMO label, it's implied you're using GMOs. 

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post a label Gmo bill board on a major highway.

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We need a graphic poster ! Please help Dr. Mercola !!

Please design a poster featuring the human anatomical form pointing out the organs that are damaged by GMO's. I think this would drive home to people that this is about their health- not just a technical issue. At the bottom of the poster, footnote the research sources and sponsor links so people can read more. 

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Signs/bumper stickers?

How about signs and/or bumper stickers?

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more biotech propaganda targeted at school children

www,      council for biotechnology information web site

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Start with Family

Take the time to educate each member of your family that is old enough to understand.  Ask them to share this information with at least one friend and ask them to share.  First  keep it simple have a small true bit of information to share.   Always ask questions and have the answer?  Do people have any idea what this Monsanto GMO stuff is all they understand lables and what the numbers mean? Something like " Be aware of the difference between" All Natural and GMO."  If we are to share we need to know what we are talking about.  This is a major  well hidden in plain sight issue!

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monsanto contracts for RR1 seed

I support californias gmo labeling initiative but not because of personal health concerns.  I just don't trust Monsanto and the rest of the biotech industry with the worlds food supply.

Take a look at monsanto's contract terms if you buy their roundup ready seed corn, soybeans or cotton.

No lifeform patents, revoke lifeform patents.


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Outside of California!

I understand that this is a ballot issue that will be decided in CA, but it is an issue that effects our entire nation, and the nations in Central and South America that rely upon us!

The oppenents of labeling have endorsements from outside of CA ( many), it would seem good and fair to spread the effort outside of CA on your part as well!

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Troll Pro-GMO websites and educate them

There are many groups opposed to labeling that are supported by Biochem. The articles are filled with spin and some are well written enough to fool the unsuspecting. Any of us can register to comment with facts and truths to educate the readers. Wake people up, give them something to think about instead of blindly following. It's great to talk to people who think like you but we need to talk to people who don't or are undecided or unknowing. Just google "california groups opposed to labeling" and take your pick.
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Got music?

I am a member of Occupella, a group that leads singing at demonstrations. We have an anti-GMO song and other relevant songs. Contact me if you'd like music at your demo or meeting. nancy at

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You have a typo

At the bottom of the page the very first choice should read "Volunteer" and instead it says "vouteer". That's pretty important, I'd fix that stat.


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