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? About signing the petition

Do we have to go to local group to find the signature ballots to sign?  It would be so much easier if we could sign up at the website.  Is that possible?  Many of us sign petitions at websites regularly and wonder why it hasn't been set up here yet. 

Laura Lee Pier

Official response from

If you go to the home page: it explains why online signatures cannot be gathered and where to go to sign the petition.

For your convenience, see below and I hope this helps:

Where Can I sign?

Because this is a California Ballot Initiativate, we need in-person, physical signatures. We cannot gather online and have unti April 22nd to gather 800,000 signatures to get this on the 2012 California Ballot.

To find a place to sign in your area visit:

  • Events Page - check if your community leaders have events up.
  • Local Groups Page - find your local group.
  • Contact Us - Please let us know where you are located and we will direct you.
  • Seek out signature gatherers - Both Volunteers and Professional Signature Gatherers can be found in high-traffic stores like Walmart, local grocery stores and co-ops, farmers markets, and major events.
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Advertise GMO Products in Doctor's Offices and Health Clinics

We must stop Monsanto from stealing our food supply and poisoning all of our seeds. Speak out against Monsanto and GMO products as cancer causing. Drive Monsanto out of the USA. All states must do as California and make them put all ingredients on food labels.

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Apparell sales would not only help with financial support for the movement this would help to spread the word one shirt, hoodie,or mug at a time. I love apparel that does more than look well. It's a great conversational piece that's an ice breaker to those who don't know GMO exists. I would love to be one of the first to wear a LabelGMOs hoodie

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Awareness for our lives!

We are concerned about labeling but we also need more awareness of health and life threating issues that GMO causes. It's getting worse and we all should start to integrate our lifestyle around real organic, home gardens, and really eating live foods. Seed saving from plants we know from our back yard farms or friends that was grown before 1996! And keep our America strong the real patriotic, real farmers way!
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BACH@K@MOD@TO%Watch Guardians of the galaxy Online

Watch Guardians of the galaxy Online Title

: Guardians of the Galaxy Year : 2014 Rated : PG-13 Runtime : 121 min Genre : Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi Director : James Gunn Writer : James Gunn, Nicole Perlman, Dan Abnett (comic book), Andy Lanning (comic book) Actors : Chris Pratt, Zoe Saldana, Dave Bautista, Vin Diesel Plot : In the far reaches of space, an American pilot named Peter Quill finds himself the object of a manhunt after stealing an orb coveted by the villainous Ronan. Language : English Country : USA Awards : 1 nomination.





On world World in 1988, younger Frank Quill (Wyatt Oleff) rests in the patiently waiting space of a medical center, listening to with headsets to "Awesome Mix record no. 1" on his Personal stereo. His grandfather (Gregg Henry) comes out and gets him so he can say farewell to his mom, who is passing away of melanoma. His mom gives him a existing and informs him his dad was an angel and that Frank is just like him. She requirements his side, but he's too afraid to take it. Just then, she passes away. The troubled Frank operates outside and is kidnapped by a spacecraft.

Twenty-six decades later on the globe Morag, an mature Frank Quill, a.k.a. Star-lord (Chris Pratt) is looking for a strange Orb. We know it is Frank, because he is paying attention to Amazing Mix a Tape no. 1 as he looks. He discovers it and requires it out of a laser system housing. Almost instantly, Korath (Djimon Hounsou) and his henchmen discover Frank. After a shootout, Frank creates it to his deliver, the Milano, and operates away.

His partner/mentor Yondu (Michael Rooker) phone calls and informs Frank to provide him the Orb. Frank chooses he's going to offer it on his own.

On the Kree warship the Black Aster, Korath reviews to Ronan (Lee Pace) that he unsuccessful in getting the Orb and that it's in the arms of Frank.  Ronan wants the orb because he can business it to Thanos in return for Thanos ruining Xandar.  

Ronan programs to deliver Nebula (Karen Gillan) after Frank, but Gamora (Zoe Saldana) volunteers. Over Nebula's problems, Ronan delivers Gamora.

On the globe Xandar, Frank requires the Orb to a customer and requests what it is, because Ronan's goons are after it too. On listening to Ronan's name, the customer instantly does not want anything to do with the orb. He sneakers Frank out of his store. Outside, Gamora leaps Frank and tries to recover the Orb herself. Close by, Bomb Raccoon (voice: Bradley Cooper) and Groot (voice: Vin Diesel) see there's a resources on Peter's go, so they also try to catch him. (Stan Lee has a cameo overall look as an old man on Xandar, communicating up a gal. Bomb phone calls him a pervert.). Its not a lengthy time before Frank, Gamora, a Bomb, and Groot are caught by Nova HQ and sent to an position jail known as the Kyln.

Pretty much everyone in jail wants to eliminate Gamora because she's the little girl of Thanos. Drax the Destroyer (Dave Bautista) has a grudge against her because Ronan murdered his spouse and little girl, so he wants to avenge them by getting the lifestyle of one of Ronan's close relatives in come back. Gamora describes that she's not relevant to Ronan and she was preparing on dual traversing him. Frank claims in Gamora's benefit.

Meanwhile, at Haven, Ronan reviews to Thanos (Josh Brolin) that Gamora is a traitor. Thanos informs him to manage her and get the Orb. He also notices that Gamora is his preferred little girl, which angers Nebula (his other daughter).

Back at the position jail, Gamora has a strategy to offer the Orb to someone else. Frank, Bomb, and Groot accept to help and divided the compensate. Bomb has a strategy to evade the jail. He needs one of the guard's hand gadgets, a prisoner's prosthetic leg and an variety energy from a high line in the jail. As he describes that its very essential to take battery energy last, Groot keeps it first. The alarm systems go off and protection droids fly in. Gamora goes to get a hand system as Frank works out for the prisoner's leg. Drax chooses to be a aspect of in the evade, recognizing that gradually Ronan will go after Gamora and then he can eliminate Ronan himself.

Everyone gets the things they need and creates it to a secure position near the top of the jail. Bomb is amazed that Frank actually got the leg and says he (Rocket) was only joking, and he did not really need it. Just as it seems that they have run out of your energy and effort, Bomb stations up the things to convert off the severity in the jail and to use the protection droids as airplanes to fly the secure position out of the jail. They evade, but Frank results in, informing him that there is one factor he remaining behind. It changes out that he is accessing his Personal stereo with the Amazing mix record from one of the security guards.

Yondu goes to his agent and discovers out Frank still has the Orb.

Everyone on Peter's deliver gets to know one another better. They don't like each other at all. Soon they reach Knowhere (a position place designed in the cut go of a former god-like being) to fulfill with the Enthusiast. While they delay for their consultation, Drax, Bomb, and Groot get intoxicated and bet. Gamora and Frank connection over music. He describes that his mom created him the mix record of her popular. She concentrates and prefers it. He requests her to dancing, but she does not believe in him. He says it informs him of an old fantasy about other individuals who did not dancing. It was known as Footloose. He creates a successfully pass at her, but she says she's not one of the doe-eyed ladies he's used to and she won't drop for his pelvic sorcery.

Before they can fulfill with the Enthusiast, Drax, Bomb, and Groot (all drunk) get into a big battle. Drax believes Groot is foolish and Bomb is fed up with individuals contacting him a mouse. Frank speaks them out of battling. The Collector associate brings them and they all go to fulfill him. Drax goes off on his own and creates a contact.

The Enthusiast (Benicio Del Toro) has a massive variety of collectible items, even Cosmo the Communist position dog. The Enthusiast places the orb into a type of lathe, which unscrews the two sections of the Orb to expose an Infinity Rock. The Enthusiast describes that the Infinity Rock is an all-powerful factor. There are more of them and they can eliminate planet's. The Collector associate instantly keeps the stone. The Infinity Rock is harming her, and then she and everything in the position strike up. Most of the individuals, and Cosmo the Communist position dog endure. Frank and the others handle to evade with the orb having the Infinity Rock. They choose the most secure position to take the stone is Nova Head office. It's too risky to be anywhere else.

Suddenly the team is ambushed by Ronan and his team. They discover out that Drax known as Ronan. He was fed up with patiently waiting to cope with Ronan. Yondu reveals up too. Gamora, Bomb and Quill take off in individual traveler delivers while Nebula and some of Ronan's goons pursuit after them. Drax tries to battle Ronan, but gets defeated up poorly. Ronan says he does not even keep in mind eliminating Drax's family associates, nor will he keep in mind eliminating Drax now.

Nebula goes after Gamora's deliver above the weather and strikes it up. Nebula gets the Infinity Rock and results in Gamora sailing in position to die. Frank phone calls Yondu to tell him where he is, then leaves his deliver, and gives Gamora his cover up to keep her in existence.

Yondu comes and gathers Frank and Gamora with a tractor ray right before they would have passed away. This is where we see that Yondu's deliver is the same deliver that kidnapped Frank as a kid.

Meanwhile, on board the Black Aster, Ronan informs Thanos that now that he (Ronan) had the Infinity Rock, he can cut Thanos out of the cope and will eliminate Xandar himself and then go after Thanos. He places the Infinity Rock into his sort.

Back on Yondu's deliver, Yondu is going to eliminate Frank for dual traversing him, but he does not when Frank says that he has a strategy to get the Orb returning. Meanwhile on Knowhere, Drax, Groot, and Bomb choose to get together and preserve Frank and Gamora from Yondu. They fly the Milano to Yondu's deliver and endanger to strike it up with a unique tool Bomb designed unless Yondu produces Frank and Gamora, but Frank speaks them out of it. On panel the Milano, the others ask Frank if he really has a strategy to recover the stone, or if he was relaxing. He says he has aspect of a strategy, placing the variety at 12%. Everyone scoffs. Bomb says that they will most likely die if they try to quit Ronan. Frank factors out that they've already missing so much, that at this factor they have nothing to reduce.

Peter alerts Nova HQ that Ronan is arriving to eliminate them and they should get prepared.

Rocket's concept is to strike an opening in Ronan's deliver so Frank , Groot, Drax and Gamora can panel it. Gamora is going to cut the energy for Ronan's protection and then they're going to strike him up with a rule that Bomb created.

They begin the strategy. Bomb strikes an opening in the Black Aster and then allows Yondu and his men protect Xandar against Ronan's martial artist delivers. Yondu is taken down and uses his pointer tool to take out an whole platoon of goons.

On the Black Aster, Gamora and Nebula get into a big battle, while Drax, Frank and Groot go to the weblink of the deliver.

Dozens of Nova delivers weblink together to type a massive net and slowly the nice of the Black Aster. Gamora lastly surpasses Nebula, who drops, getting on a Ravager deliver and commandeers it, tossing the Cause of the deliver out the screen and traveling away. Ronan purchases his delivers to kamikaze into Xandar. Bomb and Yondu's men catch as many of the delivers down as they can.

Almost to the weblink, Drax destroys Korrath. Groot develops a lengthy slim division and impales many goons. He then brews them around getting out even more. Everyone creates it to the weblink to battle Ronan. Again, he's too powerful for them, but Frank controls to catch Ronan with Rocket's extremely rule. It does nothing. Bomb accidents the Milano into the weblink and seems to have damaged Ronan. The whole deliver is rapidly declining towards Xandar, so Groot types a massive home around all of them for protection. Bomb is disappointed because he knows that what Groot is doing will end up eliminating him. Groot, who up to this factor has only said "I Am Groot," reacts with "We are Groot."

The deliver accidents. Everyone except Groot is okay. Groot is a load of branches scattered all about. It's not over though, because Ronan is still excellent. He sarcastically phone calls Frank and his team the Parents of the Universe. As he increases his sort for any strike, Quill seems to be up and begins to dancing to the music "Ooh-ooh Child," and difficulties Ronan to a dance-off. Ronan requests what he's doing. Frank reacts "distracting you" as Drax and Bomb catch Ronan's sort at Ronan, launching the Infinity Rock. Frank keeps the Infinity Rock before Ronan. Frank is impacted in the same way as the Collector associate. Holding the stone is going to eliminate him, but Gamora informs him to take her side. He quick flashes returning to when he did not have the bravery to take his mom's side, and he now keeps Gamora's. Drax and Bomb keep arms with the others, and the energy from the Infinity Rock is distribute among the four of them, and they all endure. They eliminate Ronan. Bomb gathers one of the stays that was once Groot.

Yondu seems to be and requirements the Rock as per his unique cope with Frank. Frank arms him the Orb. As Yondu and his men take off, one of them notices that he prefers Frank and he's grateful they did not take him returning to his dad like they were expected to all those decades ago.

Gamora is disappointed that Frank provided up the stone. Frank reveals that he turned the Orbs, and he still has the one with the stone.

At Nova HQ, they convert over the Orb that contains the Infinity Rock and Frank understands he's only 50 percent individual and 50 percent something historical and unidentified. They think that his nonhuman genetics permitted him to keep the Infinity Rock without passing away.

There is a celebration on Yondu's deliver. His team is enjoying but Yondu looks suspiciously at the Orb and then chooses to begin it. In it is a troll toy. He happiness.

Peter lastly reveals the existing his mom provided him before she passed away. It's a cassette marked "Awesome Mix record no. 2." He requests the Parents where they want to go. Gamora says, "You lead, Star-lord." He requests if they want something excellent or something bad. He then chooses they should do something that is both. Bomb keeps a pot in which he has trapped the keep that he recovered after Groot's compromise. We can see the experience of a small Groot on the keep.

End Credits

During the attributes, the child Groot (slightly bigger than in the past scene) dances in his pot to Quill's 1980's music, with Drax in the qualifications. The child Groot prevents when Drax looks at him, but he begins again when Drax looks away.

After the credits: The Enthusiast is seated on the remains, consuming, when Cosmo the Communist position dog comes up and riffs his experience. We listen to a speech that says that's total. The digicam changes to expose Howard the Goose seated on a damaged crate, consuming as well.

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Call out the 'no' voters

It's good to thank those that voted for labeling, but I think it's probably more important to condemn those that voted against it.

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Can I get a petition sign up sheet

I want to know if I can tske a sign up sheet to my church,and if so then where and how can I obtain it 

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Coming together with ideals

I would like a list of leaders or like to chat with leader in my county (S.B.) so that we may share helpfull ideals on organizing our group and places that we can cover in our county to collect signatures. Also matching people up with others so they can do the two-person signature gathering method. 

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Creat an online store with merchandise to raise funds

Sell bumper stickers with "" on them. T-shirts with catch phrases such as "GMO's are NOT the way to go" or "I like my seeds au naturel" or " Real men like real seeds" or "Real women like real seeds". The sky  is the limit!

Official response from completed

Visit our online store here!

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email links to congress, local and state gov

Would be great to have an automated email to congress,  local and state gov insisting that all GMO product is labled as such!

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Farmers need sources of Non-GMO feed for their animals.

Here is a link to a website that provides farmers with sources on Non-GMO feed for their animals:

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GMO education through Music


I’m Dave Eisel from the duo Glowbox. We write music that can be used to educate people about the danger of GMO food. We have a video from the Sacramento Label GMO signature delivery event:

Fish-Tomato/Right To Know

More of our GMO Awareness Music Videos:

Poison in the Grain

Devil In the Cornfield


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g.m.o pork

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Goal Setting

I think it would be helpful to assign goals to people - in terms of numbers of signatures to gather, or numbers of signatures per district or group.

I also really like how interactive this site is!!

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Go Local! Focus on low hanging fruits

Also focus on getting GMOs labeling inforced at COUNTY levels. 

Chances are that we'd have much bigger chances to get this done at the lower levels while working our way up.

Washington State is working on getting a bill passed forcing the Labeling of GMOs through their Congress and Senate.


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Got music?

I am a member of Occupella, a group that leads singing at demonstrations. We have an anti-GMO song and other relevant songs. Contact me if you'd like music at your demo or meeting. nancy at

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have more tv commercials

air more TV commercials to help spread the word and inform people.

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have more tv commercials

air more TV commercials to help spread the word and inform people.

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How can I get several Tshirts?

I am a jeans and T farmer mom who will wear it every time I leave the farm with my daughter just to make other parents THINK! :-)

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How can I help?

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Volunteer Events Donate