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? About signing the petition

Do we have to go to local group to find the signature ballots to sign?  It would be so much easier if we could sign up at the website.  Is that possible?  Many of us sign petitions at websites regularly and wonder why it hasn't been set up here yet. 

Laura Lee Pier

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If you go to the home page: it explains why online signatures cannot be gathered and where to go to sign the petition.

For your convenience, see below and I hope this helps:

Where Can I sign?

Because this is a California Ballot Initiativate, we need in-person, physical signatures. We cannot gather online and have unti April 22nd to gather 800,000 signatures to get this on the 2012 California Ballot.

To find a place to sign in your area visit:

  • Events Page - check if your community leaders have events up.
  • Local Groups Page - find your local group.
  • Contact Us - Please let us know where you are located and we will direct you.
  • Seek out signature gatherers - Both Volunteers and Professional Signature Gatherers can be found in high-traffic stores like Walmart, local grocery stores and co-ops, farmers markets, and major events.
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add recurring donations

I would donate a small amount every month and this might add up to more than I would donate over the period of a year.

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Advertise GMO Products in Doctor's Offices and Health Clinics

We must stop Monsanto from stealing our food supply and poisoning all of our seeds. Speak out against Monsanto and GMO products as cancer causing. Drive Monsanto out of the USA. All states must do as California and make them put all ingredients on food labels.

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Apparell sales would not only help with financial support for the movement this would help to spread the word one shirt, hoodie,or mug at a time. I love apparel that does more than look well. It's a great conversational piece that's an ice breaker to those who don't know GMO exists. I would love to be one of the first to wear a LabelGMOs hoodie

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Awareness for our lives!

We are concerned about labeling but we also need more awareness of health and life threating issues that GMO causes. It's getting worse and we all should start to integrate our lifestyle around real organic, home gardens, and really eating live foods. Seed saving from plants we know from our back yard farms or friends that was grown before 1996! And keep our America strong the real patriotic, real farmers way!
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Call out the 'no' voters

It's good to thank those that voted for labeling, but I think it's probably more important to condemn those that voted against it.

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Can I get a petition sign up sheet

I want to know if I can tske a sign up sheet to my church,and if so then where and how can I obtain it 

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Coming together with ideals

I would like a list of leaders or like to chat with leader in my county (S.B.) so that we may share helpfull ideals on organizing our group and places that we can cover in our county to collect signatures. Also matching people up with others so they can do the two-person signature gathering method. 

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Creat an online store with merchandise to raise funds

Sell bumper stickers with "" on them. T-shirts with catch phrases such as "GMO's are NOT the way to go" or "I like my seeds au naturel" or " Real men like real seeds" or "Real women like real seeds". The sky  is the limit!

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Visit our online store here!

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destroy gmo's from the inside

I feel we could organize, If we could get 1 million or so people to all purchase 1 share of Monsanto stock, then we might have enough collective voting share to change there business practices, fire the leaders and eventually take over from the inside.

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email links to congress, local and state gov

Would be great to have an automated email to congress,  local and state gov insisting that all GMO product is labled as such!

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Farmers need sources of Non-GMO feed for their animals.

Here is a link to a website that provides farmers with sources on Non-GMO feed for their animals:

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Since GMO is a NOVEL organism (plants with added bacterial+viral genetic parts) grown from patented seeds, it is equivalent to drug, with that one difference, it was never tested for a long term safety on humans. All cloned GMO's so far are there for the purpose of application of extremely toxic chemicals which destroy all plants, but not the GMO's (to the point of self-defence and development of 'resistance'). The extinction of biodiversity together with the disastrous environmental pollution are only some of the side effects of the 'approved(??)' GMO production. With all the chemicals already in circulation (even in our bodies, since water and air carry easly the bln's of tons of chemicals), the safest way for everyone is GMOFREEUSA. Only with deep understanding the details of how actually they were introduced, who approved them for what purpose, how much different are they from that what was defined and said as their 'equivalent' and standing TOGETHER for the truth, one can win the GMO lie (about its safety and usefulness).

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GMO education through Music


I’m Dave Eisel from the duo Glowbox. We write music that can be used to educate people about the danger of GMO food. We have a video from the Sacramento Label GMO signature delivery event:

Fish-Tomato/Right To Know

More of our GMO Awareness Music Videos:

Poison in the Grain

Devil In the Cornfield


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g.m.o pork

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Goal Setting

I think it would be helpful to assign goals to people - in terms of numbers of signatures to gather, or numbers of signatures per district or group.

I also really like how interactive this site is!!

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Go Local! Focus on low hanging fruits

Also focus on getting GMOs labeling inforced at COUNTY levels. 

Chances are that we'd have much bigger chances to get this done at the lower levels while working our way up.

Washington State is working on getting a bill passed forcing the Labeling of GMOs through their Congress and Senate.


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Got music?

I am a member of Occupella, a group that leads singing at demonstrations. We have an anti-GMO song and other relevant songs. Contact me if you'd like music at your demo or meeting. nancy at

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have more tv commercials

air more TV commercials to help spread the word and inform people.

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have more tv commercials

air more TV commercials to help spread the word and inform people.

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