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Welcome to the SF Peninsula local Label GMOs group!

As we are a grassroots organization, we need everyone, from all walks of life, to join this effort to get Genetically Engineered Foods labeled in California.  Even kids are getting in on the action!  If you live anywhere on the peninsula south of San Francisco down to Mountain View (including on the coast within San Mateo County) and are interested in helping us get labels on GMOs, please email Kim and Alanna at:


You may also use the link below to sign up to be added directly to our local email list.  Please note that if you add yourself to this local list, you won't be added on any statewide lists - if you're interested in that, please sign up elsewhere.

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If we haven't met you, feel free contact us and we'll work on getting you plugged in.  And don't worry if you don't have a lot of time - there will be many things you can do that are easy to do if not now then soon - so contact us and find out!

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