Since GMO is a NOVEL organism (plants with added bacterial+viral genetic parts) grown from patented seeds, it is equivalent to drug, with that one difference, it was never tested for a long term safety on humans. All cloned GMO's so far are there for the purpose of application of extremely toxic chemicals which destroy all plants, but not the GMO's (to the point of self-defence and development of 'resistance'). The extinction of biodiversity together with the disastrous environmental pollution are only some of the side effects of the 'approved(??)' GMO production. With all the chemicals already in circulation (even in our bodies, since water and air carry easly the bln's of tons of chemicals), the safest way for everyone is GMOFREEUSA. Only with deep understanding the details of how actually they were introduced, who approved them for what purpose, how much different are they from that what was defined and said as their 'equivalent' and standing TOGETHER for the truth, one can win the GMO lie (about its safety and usefulness).

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