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"To inform the public about genetically engineered foods, their potential risks to health, the environment, and the integrity of the food supply for future generations. To advocate for transparency in the food supply through clear and consice labeling of genetically modified organisms. We also support all local food sovereignty efforts"


Action Alert For Week Of Feb 24-27

We Need A GMO Labeling Hero In California

We need an author for a labeling bill by this Friday, February 27, 2015 or we will have to wait until next year.  

We need YOU to help us get that legislative champion for us.

If you live in California, please find your representative here  .  Then call or email your rep with your most heartfelt reasons for wanting GMOs labeled. 

We especially need help with the following members-


1)  Luis Alejo 

2)  Richard Bloom

3)  Roger Hernandez

4)  Kevin McCarty

5)  Adrin Nazarian

6) Eduardo Garcia


1)  Hannah Beth Jackson

2)  Senator Mike McGuire

3) Ricardo Lara

4) Tony Mendoza

5) William Monning

6) Fran Pavley

7) Lois Wolk

8) Janet Nguyen (R) (The one Republican Senator

If you need help, here’s a suggested beginning template to pick and choose from and a few other talking points with citations. 

Dear “Legislator’s Name”

We’ve entrusted you with our welfare and our future.  We’re calling upon you now to fulfill your promises to us.

You are familiar with our concerns about GMO foods.  We believe more studies are needed to ensure GMO foods are safe for our children and ourselves.  Until then, Californians urgently call for the right to know about the foods we purchase.

We need a hero to step up and author legislation to label GMO foods.  The first legislator to do so will be forever remembered by the voters of California.

Please support our bill to label GMO foods in 2015.  We will be there to support you, every step of the way.

More talking points- Citations and Information:
Strong Support for Labeling Modified Foods

93% of Americans want genetically engineered foods to be labeled as such.
Americans overwhelmingly support labeling foods that have been genetically modified or engineered, according to a New York Times poll conducted this year.  Report By ALLISON KOPICKIPublished: July 27, 2013

77% of the world's GE crop acreage is grown in 3 nations:  US, Brazil and Argentina!

The UNITED STATES is the site of the globe's largest human experiment as genetically engineered foods are not labeled or safety tested by FDA in spite of extensive scientific evidence that GE foods have validated health concerns.

Scientific American reports glyphosate impacts human cells.  Glyphosate, both an herbicide and antibiotic, is the world’s most widely used herbicide.  Genetically engineered food seeds/crops are engineered with herbicide resistance and are also sprayed with glyphosate.

EPA has approved and deregulatedEnlist Duofor 2015 planting, the introduction of this new GMO crop variety, to fight emergence of "super weeds" – a result of the failure of glyphosate to combat resistant weeds attacking genetically engineered crops. Enlist Duo is a "cocktail" of glyphosate and 2,4-D (an ingredient of the defoliant Agent Orange).

The U.S. Department of Agriculture last week approved and deregulated genetically modified apples that don’t brown when exposed to air.The approval allows trees bearing this type of fruit, called Arctic apples, to be planted on U.S. soil and, once the FDA agrees, the produce could be sold in stores within a few years. 

The Food and Drug Administration is not required to approve genetically engineered crops for consumption. Most companies engage in a voluntary safety review process with the FDA, and Okanagan is doing that.

Farmers and NGO's condemn USDA approval of Monsanto's Genetically Modified Dicamba
 (a known teratogen – an agent that can produce a permanent alteration of structure or function in an organism exposed during embryonic or fetal life.) -tolerant soybeans and cotton, set for 2016 deregulation and planting.

64 countries label GMOs.  All the companies that fight labels here, label for those citizens in other countries. We’d like that same transparency for the parents in California

Please help California join Alaska, Arizona, Connecticut (fixing their trigger clause), Hawaii, Illinois, Indiana, Massachusetts, , Minnesota, New York and hopefully more states to get GMOs labeled!

DARK Act and TPP

Say “No”  to HR 4432   
H.R. 4432,  also known as the DARK Act (Deny Americans the Right-to-Know Act)  is designed to destroy the GMO labeling movement.  
Rep. Mike Pompeo ( Republican- Kansas) and his friends from the Bio Tech industry have deceitfully designed and named the 
bill the “Safe and Accurate Food labeling Act of 2014.”
HR 4432 ..Preempts any state and local labeling requirements with respect to bioengineered food.
Say “Yes”  to HR 1699   -  The Genetically Engineered Food Right-to-Know Act
An alternative to the "DARK Act” ( HR 4432 )  is Peter DeFazio’s ( Democrat - Oregon)  HR 1699,  the Genetically Engineered Food Right-to-Know Act
HR 1699 - Genetically Engineered Food Right-to-Know Act - Amends the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act to deem misbranded any food that has been genetically engineered or contains one or more genetically engineered ingredients, unless such information is clearly disclosed.
Ask your representative to support HR 1699  the Genetically Engineered Food Right-to-Know Act,  “ Not ”   HR 4432,  also known as the DARK Act. 


 TPP Fast Track

For more information on the TPP please visit here.

When you call for labeling, tell them NO FAST TRACK on the TPP!!

From Flush the TPP

Word is that a new version of Fast Track will be introduced when Congress comes back from recess this month. Now is the time to let members know what's in store if they vote for dangerous, corporate-backed trade deals. Be part of the resistance, and join the Presidents' Day Week of Action!

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This year's attempt to Fast Track unjust trade agreements is around the corner. We've got just a couple weeks to make our voices heard over the promises of multinational corporations, and starting Feb. 16th, people in key districts will ring out the call for members of Congress to commit to voting NO.

Check out our action map to join one of the 18 events happening across the country next week. If there isn't anything in your area, make plans to hold your own emergency rally, call-in, letter drop-off, flyering session, or other event today!


From people's forums to two-state bus tours, communities throughout the U.S. are coming out strong to stop the latest round of Fast Track legislation. It's now or never in this critical moment for trade justice, and we know our action can make all the difference.

With thanks for all you do,
The Flush the TPP Team

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