ALERT- 6/28/16


Well, it's happened.

We were starting to get cautiously optimistic that they had let it go, but it appears the Biotech has figured out a way to sneak in a bill that will pre-empt Vermont and put in place a law even WORSE than the House DARK Act.

You ask how this could be so?

1- New technologies won't even be considered GMO
2- USDA gets to take 2 years to come up with thresholds (like 5%? 10%?...we don't know) that don't have to be labeled
3- QR codes, phone numbers, symbols...anything rather than having to put actual words on labels
4- Take away state sovereignty by preempting VT and all states in the future.

And so, so much more.

This must be stopped. (You can read the proposed bill here).

It's going to be really confusing out there as you hear that the Organic Trade Association supports this bill. Don't believe them. It sucks.

It could very well be that VT actually goes into law...and that should be celebrated! But chemical and junk food companies will be back after the break in DC and will push this through.

So please start calling and emailing your Senators with the message to vote NO on the Stabenow/Roberts GMO Labeling Bill (S 2609) as it does not label them. It will create a patchwork of symbols and phone numbers will only confuse consumers. It's elitest as low income and elderly don't use smart phones. And it will not label most food of the future as the old genetic engineering techniques are the direction the industry is going. Labels are happening. Just leave them alone and let the market take its course.

If you live inside California
Senator Feinstein (202) 224-3841
State- (415) 393-0707

Senator Boxer- DC (202) 224-3553
State- (510) 286-8537

Outside California- 866-772-3843 will direct you to your Senator.

Please help us stop this DARKEST Act! (GMO Free USA came up with this acronym for "DENY AMERICANS tHE RIGHT tO KNOW EVERY SINGLE THING about GMOs in our food."

Thanks for your help in this ongoing David and Goliath battle that seems to just go on and on. We wish they would just get OVER it!


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