What's Next For GMO Labeling In California?

Summer is a time for kicking back and enjoying the sun, the water and our families.  

It's also a time of winding down in the California legislature and gearing up for November elections for some of our state representatives.  

Is your state Senator or Assembly person up for re-election?  Where do they stand on labeling GMOs?  How can we best set up the California legislature to ensure that next year we have the same landslide votes for labeling that Connecticut, Vermont and Maine had?  We get those votes by making sure that we know where those up for election stand on labeling. Go where your district candidates are speaking and ask them what their viewpoints on labeling are.  Come back soon for a pledge sheet for candidates to support Labeling GMOs. 

Summer is a great time to visit district offices to build relationships with incumbents' staff, laying the ground for the Fall when we will start looking for an author.  We need outreach in all districts! Find resources and educational materials to bring here.

 Please join your local group to get active now, setting the stage for next year's legislative push.  Go here and contact your local group. If you don't see a group in your town, contact us to get one going. Whether we do legislation or start laying the ground for another ballot initiative in 2016, the work starts now!


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