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    SF Endorsements


    International Development Exchange
    Fasano Law Office
    Greenhouse Cafe
    Hispanic / Latino Anti-Defamation Coalition SF
    Occupy San Francisco Environmental Justice Working Group
    Physicians for Social Responsibility - San Francisco Bay Area
    San Francisco Green Party
    SELVA Cultural Center
    Slow Food San Francisco
    St. Francis Square Co-operative Apartments
    Temple Hasham
    University of San Francisco Garden


    Bryan Au, Eco Chef

  • pledged support 2012-06-21 13:34:20 -0700
    I will volunteer with my local group to help spread the word and get more endorsements.

    1 Thing Per Day Pledge

    10,000 votes

    If you could help get genetically engineered food labeled by doing one simple thing per day for only 20 weeks - would you do it?

    Take the pledge!

    We have only 20 short weeks until the November election. It's enough time to win at the ballot box if you and your friends take the pledge to do 1 Thing Per Day.

    Pledge your vote

  • Organizational Meeting With Pamm Larry June 4th!

    "ALL EYES ARE ON CALIFORNIA!"  19 states have attempted genetically engineered food labeling bills and none of them have passed.  It's up to us folks!  What are you willing to do help get this initiative passed?  We only have a few short months to make a difference.  The opposition has already launched their misinformation campaign to scare Californian's to vote against labeling.  They have the money and the staff BUT THEY DON'T HAVE US!

    Please join us for this very important upcoming meeting to introduce you to the next phase of the campaign.  We will be discussing and sharing ideas about how we can reach out to our community to educate and to persuade each and every one of them to vote YES in November.  We can't win this without YOU!

    Click here for more info and to RSVP.

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    Hi Diana,
    I tried to join the Facebook Group but it says it is a closed group. Feel free to invite me if you can!

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    SF Press Conference/Rally

    Please join us this Wednesday as we turn in signatures! The press is coming, so we want our numbers to be strong. RSVP here.

    Read more

  • New Living Expo Volunteer Dates

    Educate and recruit new volunteers from the attendees (and, possibly, collect a few signatures). Admission is free for volunteers and you will able to attend classes and be entered into a raffle if you sign up to volunteer.

    Please click on one of the following dates to see what shifts are available:

  • Next Training: Tuesday, March 27th at El Cafetazo

    Hi folks!

    Please join us for our next training, which will take place on Tuesday, the 27th, in the back of El Cafetazo, a smoothie cafe in the Mission. This is a great way to get involved in the signature drive. More details here.

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    Katie M., I tried emailing you but it didn’t go through. Please send me a note for specific dates and locations.


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    If you have a suggestion to improve the website, please post that here. For all other inquiries please fill out the form below.

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    Rainbow in the rain

    Went to Rainbow tonight with Jimena despite the rain.  People seemed more willing to sign because they could see how dedicated we are to the cause. I think we got roughly 40 signatures in 1.5 hours, which is pretty decent.

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    That’s great for 1 person! It did get a bit chilly and drizzly out this afternoon…have some tea to warm up! Thanks for going out there!

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San Francisco Co-Coordinator; please let me know if you can help us in SF!
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