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    I re-read the initiative and under 110809 it does state that, “any food offered for retail sale in California is misbranded if it is or may have been entirely or partially produced with genetic engineering and that fact is not disclosed-”, but the law specifically states that this is about labeling, which a retail grocery store does not provide. 110809.2 “Labeling of Genetically Engineered Food – Exemptions” (h) states that, “food that is not packaged for retail sale and that either” (i) is a processed food prepared and intended for immediate human consumption or (ii) is served, sold, or otherwise provided in any restaurant or food facility that is primary engaged in the sale of food prepared and intended for immediate human consumption" is exempt from this law. The mentioning of “retail sale” is only to distinguish the type of food that will be included in this and the type of food that will be exempt from this, not the distributor of such food. Food that is genetically modified can be sold at a grocery store without labeling if it is processed for immediate human consumption because the manufacturer isn’t required to label such foods. Nothing is mentioned in this initiative about the grocer being liable for genetic labeling. Manufacturers are even protected and exempt if their food is unintentionally or unknowingly produced with genetically engineered ingredients. If that’s the case, how would a case hold up in court against a grocer for selling something unintenionally that was genetically modified??

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    Be Prepared

    I recently read an article on the website that said, " it's estimated that the opposition [to the Label GMOs act] will spend an estimated $60 - $100 million to convince voters that genetically engineered foods are perfectly safe. They'll try to scare voters into believing that labeling food will be more expensive, that it will sparks hundreds of lawsuits against farmers and small businesses and that it will contribute to world hunger". We need to remember a simple fact - if GMOs are so safe, what's the problem with labeling? In addition, it can be brought up that Monstanto has been responsible for lawsuits against farmers whose crops were unknowingly contaminated by GMOs. Citizens of starving countries are burning GMO food instead of eating it. People want and deserve the right to make a choice about what they are going to feed their families. When faced with opposition, we need to stay strong and stick to the basics. Our health and our future is in jeapordy.