The California State Grange is holding a rally to launch labeling and other legislative efforts in California.

We are trying to find authors to-

1- Label Genetically Engineered Foods
2- Fix AB 2470- The seed act that takes away local rights to have moratoriums on GMO growing and will harm Seed Libraries. ( read more about it here.)
3- Speak out about the California Department of Food and Ag that allows spraying of 72 chemicals with no registration or notice  (read more about it here )

Rally starts at 9:30 AM at the South Steps of the California State Capitol (11th & N St.) There will be speakers, music, lots of great signs and an opportunity to raise awareness for our elected officials whether they are new to the job or old timers.

After the rally we'll march around the capital then visit legislators.  

Please contact Pamm Larry at if you want to ride in a van from the bay area!!






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