Remember what it's like to be carpet bombed with deceiving ads designed for the sole purpose of avoiding the truth and confusing people to vote against what they want?

Ag Biotech and the Grocery Manufacturers Association are at it again.  Just like they did to California voters during Prop 37 – they are spending millions on commercials to scare and confuse voters in Oregon and Colorado to ensure we can’t know what they are putting in our food.

Both states need our help!  Please sign up to make phone calls to voters to help them understand the importance of labeling GMOs.  The campaign has a script and a phone system so that you don’t have to do anything but talk to someone from the comfort of your own home.

Do you only have a little time to help? Make only 5 calls.  If you have more time, make more calls.  It’s so gratifying to get someone at the other end of the phone who doesn’t know about GMOs and you educate them to vote YES!

The bottom line is this: we know what it’s like to be carpet bombed with lies. It’s devastating to watch all our support wither and die due to unethical campaigners who have no compunction about confusing voters with inaccuracies,  sound bites crafted to confuse and, on occasion, outright lies like they did here in California in 2012.

Ballot initiatives either need millions of dollars to win…or they need lots, tons, gabillions of us to ACT. 

Please join us in making 2014 the year that we have massive wins for labeling.  Call from the privacy of your home.  Do it alone or invite some friends over for a “Bringing Down The Junk Food Meanies” party.  All they need is a cell phone and a laptop to have fun.

Ballots are in home. They need us NOW!

Please donate and make calls 

To support Colorado go here.

To support Oregon go here.

This election cycle could really change things…and WILL with your help. Please make calls and make your voice heard!!



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